The Girls

Blue Hydel Girl "Kesa”
2009 blue roan mare
5 panel negative

E? aa RN?

38.28% Blue valentine 
28.13% Leo Hancock Hayes
22.09% rip rip
19.14% Red man
12.50% Gerries Valentine
12.50% Ruano Rojo
11.91% Joe Hancock
11.72% Leo
6.25% Plenty try
6.25% Blue beard
John Boys Gal 'Timex'
2010 sorrel mare
5 panel negative  
Color Tested ee Ae

35.16% Blue Valentine
25% Rowdy Blue Man
25% Leo Hancock Hayes
19.14% red man
17.38% Joe Hancock
12.50% Hydel Girl 44
12.50% Hancock Blue Boy
9.38% buck hancock
9.38% Apache Joe Hancock

RS Dixie Road 'Reba'
2009 Bay Roan Mare
AQHA 15.3 hands
4 panel negative N/GBED
Ee A? RNn

18.75% Leo Hancock Hayes
9.38% Blue Valentine
5.47% Red Man
3.71% Joe Hancock
Reba is not a full time Broodmare but has had some foals for us. Reba is used for team rope and ranch work. she is my go mare for everything.
Very nice mare that goes back to Blue Valentine, Dr Kirk, Wayward Ike, Rule Breaker, and Jackie Bee
RA Chukkar Ida Blue "June"
2015 Blue Roan Mare 
5 Panel Negative
Ee aa RNRN
Blue Valentine 32.81%
Leterrip Hancock 25%
Rowdy Blue Man 25%
GooseBerry 18.75%
Red Man 16.41%
Mucha Zorrita 12.50%
Hydel Girl 44 12.50%
Joe Hancock 12.11%
Plenty Tuf Drifter "Oakley"
2019 Buckskin Roan mare
5 panel neg 
Ee Aa CRn dn1/nd2 RNn
Blue Centinal x Tuf Firefly Hancock
Mr Roan Hancock 25%
war Conchos drifter 25%
Plenty Coup Hancock 25%
Blue Valentine 12.50%
Salty Roan 12.50%
From Mike Wiley (Wiley Hancock Horses) Program
Wyos lil black olena “ Josie”
2007 black mare
Wyo blue bonnet x olena blue 
5 Panel negative

50% wyo blue bonnet ...
25% plenty try
25% Leo Hancock Hayes
21.88% blue valentine
15.63% plenty coup
12.50% rip rip
12.50% ricksha doc (NCHA earnings)
12.50% Ambrose sue 30
12.50% heather dividend
12.50% gooseberry
11.72% Texas blue bonnet
11.52% joe Hancock
8.20% Leo
6.25% doc olena
RW She's a Hancock "Miss Kitty"
2017 blue roan filly
5 Panel negative

Blue valentine 45.12%
Blu Quachita Hancock 25%
Leo Hancock Hayes 25%
Red man 22.46%
Rowdy blue man 21.88%
Hancock Blue Boy 15.63%
Joe Hancock 13.48%
Mr Roan Hancock 7.81%
Rip Rip 7.03%
Plenty try 6.25%
Apache Joe Hancock 5.47%
Texas Blue Bonnet 4.10%
Gooseberry 3.91%

LR Blu Like Bonny "Laramie" 
2018 Red Roan Filly
5 panel negative
ee aa RNRN
Bonny Blues 50%
Blue Valentine 25.78%
Roan Ambrose 25%
Revue Hancock 25%
Frosty like Lena 25%
Red Man 13.28%
Plenty Try 12.50%
Tigerless Bar Leo 12.50%
Bonny 02 12.50%
Hancocks Blue Boy 12.50%
Joe Hancock 12.11%
Plenty Coup 8.59%
Texas Blue Bonnet 7.42%
Si Olena 6.25%
Sun Frost 6.25%
Gooseberry 6.25%
Mr Roan Hancock 6.25%
In Training with Double Arrow Quarter horses and Training
LR Red Fox Maid "Mabelle"
2019 Dunalino Roan
e/e, a/a, N/Cr , D/nd1, RN/n, SW1/n
Hancock Red Fox x Wyo Blue Contessa(Hancock Two Boys)
Hancock Red Fox 50% (AQHA Rom Points) 
Blue Valentine 33.79%
Leo Hancock Hayes 31.25%
Fox Coup 25%
Hancock Two Boys 25%
Plenty Try 18.75%
Gooseberry 15.63%
Joe Hancock 13.09%
Wyo Blue Bonnet 12.50%
Whipps Chunky Joe 12.50%
Diane Valentine 12.50%
Hancock Blue Boy 9.38%
Rip Rip 9.38%
Texas Blue Bonnet 7.23%
6 panel negative and color tested Ee Aa RN?
15.2 tall
not part of the broodmare herd. Blue is one of our ranch mares. papers got lost on this girl before we bought her but she is still an outstanding mare and a joy to ride.
Blue is also a money earning head horse. she been hauled to jackpots, rodeos and USTRC ropings.

Twice As Tuf Hancock "Molly"

2009 blue roan mare 

Twice Roaned x Tuf Bambi Hancock

5 Panel neg

16.3 hands tall


Twice Roaned 50%

Mr Roan Hancock 37.50%

Salty Roan 31.25%

War Conchos Drifter 25%

Blue Valentine 15.63%

Joe Hancock 14.26%

War Concho 12.50%

Baldy Joe 9.38%

Splashing Hat "Denali"
20018 Grulla Mare
5 panel Negative 
EE, aa, nCR, D/dn2
Blue Valentine 28.13%
Wyo Blue Bonnet 25%
Leo Hancock Hayes 18.75%
Gooseberry 14.06%
Joe Hancock 12.70%
Leterip Hancock 12.50%
Red Roan Raider 12.50%
Je Leo Valentine 12.50%
Texas Blue Bonnet 11.13%
Rip Rip 10.16%

RW Cinnabiscuit "Blackberry"

2007 Blue Roan Mare 

Dart Hancock X Pyotes Biscuit

5 panel negative  

Ee aa RN?

Wyo Blue Bonnet 25%

Blue Valentine 14.84%

Joe Hancock 13.09% 

Plenty Try 12.50%

Leo Hancock Hayes 12.50%

Pig Creek Roan 12.50%

Texas Blue Bonnet 7.81%

Rowdy Blue Man 6.25%

Rip Rip 6.25%

Gooseberry 6.25%

Miss Sky Blue "Pancake" 
2007 Blue/Brown Roan Mare 
4 panel Negative and N/GBED
Ee aa RNn
Plenty Coup Hancock x Miss Illuminator 002
Plenty Coup Hancock 50%
Mr Roan Hancock 25%
Mr Illuminator 25%
Blue Valentine 18.75%
Joe Hancock 12.50%
Dick Badger 12.50%
Salty Roan 12.50%
Gooseberry 12.50%
Grey Badger II 10.94%
From the Gary Tarver's Program
MJ Klassy Roan Fox  "MJ"
2016 Bay Roan Mare
5 Panel Negative 
Mr JuneWood x Klassy Bay Fox(Blue Fox Hancock
Mr Junewood 50%
Wayward Ike 25%
Blue Fox Hancock 25%
Driftwood Ike 18.75%
Blue Valentine 17.19%
Fox Coup 12.50%
Klassy Par Bar 12.50%
Orphan Drift 12.50%
Driftwood 12.50%
Leo Hancock Hayes 12.50%
A daughter of Mr Junewood and out of a daughter of blue fox Hancock. MJ has a pedigree packed full of performance winning horses like Mr Junewood, Blue Fox Hancock, Orphan Drift, Klassy Par Bar and Driftwood Ike. 
MJ is bred to Gooseberry blue(son of Rowdy blue man) for a 2021 foal.
Ima Top Creek Col "Possum"
2020 Bay Roan Mare
6 Panel Negative
Possum is a total out cross for our program but really a nice stocky cow bred mare going back to horses like Last canal, Sale Angel, Colonel Hotrodder, Colonel Freckles, Blue Valentine and War Concho.
Possum is going to make amazing rider and maybe a broodmare.
JM Rockn Valentine "Beth"
2020 Sorrel Mare with some Chrome 
5 panel neg though parents 
color test  ee a?
Leo Hancock Hayes 37.50%
Blue Valentine 33.20%
Rowdy Blue Man 12.50%
Rip Rip 12.50%
Joe Hancock 11.91%
Leo 7.81%
RW Josie Kat  "Lakota"
2020 Brown roan Mare, no markings 
Blue Valentine 23.63%
Big Stretch Hancock 18.75%
Gooseberry 15.63%
Plenty Dividend 12.50% ( full brother to Plenty Try)
Hancock Blue Boy 9.38%
Martin Quarter Horses is leasing Lakota's sire (Katty Joe Wrangler) for the 2021 and 2022 Breeding seasons. Be looking for his foals
Shes Twice as Rowdy " Danny"
2020 Blue Roan mare
5 panel neg 
Color tested Ee aa RNrn
Blue Valentine 36.33%
Twice Roaned 25%
Rowdy Blue Man 18.75%
Gooseberry 18.75%
Mr Roan Hancock 15.63%
Joe Hancock 14.84%
Salty Roan 14.06%
From Diamond S Quarter Horses in Kansas

Pictures Coming Soon

" Chili"
2019 Black Grade Percheron Mare  
Plenty Blue Daisy "Skye"
2017 Brown Roan Mare 
14.3-15 hands tall
6 Panel Negative
Little Blue Amigo 25%
Plenty Blueberry 25%
Blue Valentine 18.75%
Plenty Try 12.50%
Azul Caballo Amigo 12.50%
Skye is a really nice young mare that is in our riding string and could go in to the broodmare brand in a couple years. Roughly has around 45-60 days on her and is a nice rough riding mare. 
2021 Bay Roan Mare
6 Panel Negative 
Ee Aa RNn 
Jm Rowdy Blue Leo x Rs Dixie Road
Blue Valentine 27.73%
Leo Hancock Hayes 21.88%
Red Man 14.45%
Rowdy Blue Man 12.50%
Joe Hancock 9.38%
Mr Roan Hancock 9.38%
This cute little gal is by our big blue stud Joe "Jm rowdy blue leo" and my good team/ranch mare Reba " Rs Dixie Road" when this girl is done growing she should finish out around the 15.3-16 Hands.

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