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Plenty Tuf Drifter " Oakley" 

2019 Buckskin Roan mare

6 panel Negative for GBED, HYPP, HERDA, MH, PSSM, and MYHM

Ee Aa CRn dn1/nd2 RNn

Blue Centinal x Tuf Firefly Hancock

Mr Roan Hancock 25%

war Conchos drifter 25%

Plenty Coup Hancock 25%

Blue Valentine 12.50%

Salty Roan 12.50%

From Mike Wiley (Wiley Hancock Horses) Program

This is really an amazing opportunity for us to get to own this mare and She is a great blend of Hancock and driftwood blood lines. Really excited to get this gal started next year and see how she does

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