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I Happen To Be Blue "Cheyenne" 

2022 Blue Roan Filly
Letit Happen Hancock x Gooseberry Heather
Panel Test: 6 panel Negative for GBED, HYPP, HERDA MH, PSSM and MYHM
Color test: Ee aa RNRN

25% Twice Roaned

20.31% Blue Valentine
18.75% Mr Roan Hancock
18.75% Gooseberry
15.63% Salty Roan
12.50% Big Stretch Hancock
12.50% Hancock’s Blue Boy
11.33% Joe Hancock

She comes from an outstanding program “Diamond S Quarter Horses” in Kansas. Her sire stretch “letit Happen Hancock” is amazing ranch horse that has proven himself every day at work but also as amazing stallion. I’ve been in love with him Since the first time I got to see him in person two years ago. This filly dam “gooseberry Heather” is a daughter of twice roaned and a daughter of gooseberry. She is proven board mare that throws good mind mares. We have gooseberry heathers 2020 filly Danny “she’s twice as rowdy” that will go into our riding string. Danny is a big mare with a dog gentle attitude, supper easy to work with and has amazing mind on her.
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